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A recent study found that more than 20% of small businesses fail due to insufficient sales and bad marketing. Do you want to be in that percentile? We bet not.

That’s why we’ve investigated the ins and outs of growing a business. After all, expanding a business is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

With this guide, you can learn how to make your business successful, from attention-grabbing social media posts to optimizing your website. We can help you can rise above the statistics.

Now, are you ready to get started growing your photo booth business? Here’s an in-depth look at how to enhance your business:

1. Participate in a Wedding Expo  

Wedding expos are a great place to meet potential customers. After all, people that attend are there to get inspiration and hire vendors for their own weddings.

It’s important that you show off your product and tailor each experience to each customer. Ask them about their wedding plans and what they’re doing for photos. Then showcase how your photo booth rental could wow their guests and add a little fun to their wedding.

Make sure the customer experience is memorable. Hand out your business card or a gift as a thank you for visiting the booth.

By doing so, you are inadvertently spreading awareness about your own company. Just by seeing your product and what it can do, impressed customers are more likely to tell their friends, family, and so on. Your company and your mission will then spread to more people, which will give you more chances of a sale.

Wedding expos are also a great way to meet new people; that way, you can network with other companies in the future. Just by attending, you can learn which companies brides flock to, whether it be for party planning, photo editing, or wedding coordination. You can learn which companies would be good partners to work with down the line and which are competitors.

2. Intrigue Customers With Your Social Media Posts

Don’t let potential customers swipe by your posts; instead, make them interested and intrigued. Whether it be a TikTok, Reel, or a simple Tweet, ensure that they see the aesthetic of your brand and remember the purpose of your mission.

Let’s say you wanted to film a TikTok to show off the photo booth and its abilities. Let guests take photos from one or different events, then at the end, ask the audience to rate the photos for a chance to win a special discount.

By doing so, you’re not only advertising your product, but you’re creating a fun game for your audience to actively participate in. That way, your audience is always involved with your content and is immersed in your brand.

Now, these posts may seem minor to the overall point of selling a photo booth rental. However, you need to make potential customers remember who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Without that, you’re just another business; how you market yourself is what makes you unique.

So be creative, and create posts featuring past clientele or find ways to be relevant. Just make sure your potential customers hit the like button when your posts pop up on their screen.

3. Use SEO to Optimize Your Company Website

SEO or search engine optimization ensures that your site ranks better on Google.

However, SEO isn’t a magical code or some type of special prize; it’s all about the way you create content for your website.

You’ll want to make sure that you use certain words in your website or blog that are known as keywords. These words or related words are what will be typed in the search bar in google. The keyword or words is what your content is optimized for and what Google will pull up your website for.

Think of it this way, if you type doctor near me, google won’t pull up types of ice cream places but types of doctors. It’s the same with keywords.

So your keywords should be related to your product, customer demographic, or words that customers would search for. For example, if you own a photo booth rental, you should choose words like photo booth rental, photo booth rental near me, or photo party rental. These search terms will help rank your website quite high on Google.

However, SEO doesn’t rely on keywords alone; it also includes quality and backlinking. Good SEO has quality content, which means no plagiarism, good grammar, sentence structure, and limited slang terms.

As for backlinking, that refers to linking to your website to entice customers to buy your products or showcase your mission. However, you shouldn’t just link to your own site; you should also link to other creditable sources. For example, you could link to an article that wrote a review about you, a study, or a charity you want people to donate to.

Once your site ranks high, your website will have more views and likely more purchases. As you receive more purchases, your business will start to grow over time.

4. Form Strategic Partnerships With Local Directories 

Forming a partnership with other businesses can help you reach a larger network of customers. For example, you can form a partnership with a local newspaper. You can agree to pay for a portion of their manufacturing costs, and in return, they advertise your services to their clients via a graphic, review article, or coupon sale.

That way, you have a chance to increase your client base and boost your revenue at the same time. It’s one of the best partnerships you can make since local newspapers often need vendors they can trust. It’ll even help expand your business since people aged 25 to 55 are more likely to read the local paper.

Plus, you could join a small business group on Facebook to promote your business. It will not only spread awareness for your photo booth rental, but it will help you network with other businesses.

If you’re lucky, these partnerships won’t only garner you more sales but also increase customers satisfaction. By joining local directories, you can target local customers, which will increase your customer retention rate and expand your business to other clientele. Forming strategic partnerships early on is the key to success, especially when it comes to growing your business.

5. Use Offline Marketing Methods to Target Your Guests 

Don’t rely on the internet to do 100% of your marketing for you. You should also do offline marketing to attract local customers and guests.

Now there are a lot of ways you can do offline marketing. However, one of the most common is putting up flyers. You can put up flyers for your business in a local coffee shop, hair salon, or community center.

Although another tactic you can try is simply being active in your community. For example, you can sponsor a local school, give money to local charities, or support a community event. Think of these community projects as a way to increase your brand awareness and strengthen your reputation within your community.

You can even give out little gifts to your guests as a thank you. These gifts should have your company name as well as your logo clearly printed on the item. The gift could be anything from a pop socket, a pen, or a water bottle (to name a few).

Now, the point of these gifts is to make your customers remember their experience with your business and potentially contact you again to purchase your services. So make sure to impress the customer, whether it be with the item’s quality or functions, ensure that the item isn’t uninspired.

However, if you want to go the simple route, you can hand out business cards with your contact information or a QR code. That way, your customers have all the information they need to look up your business to determine if they want to work with you again.

Start Growing Your Photo Booth Business Today 

Growing your photo booth business takes hard work, but thanks to this guide, you have a little cheat sheet. Start by participating in a wedding expo, then intrigue customers with your social media post.

Make sure you optimize your website and form strategic partnerships with local directories along the way. Don’t forget to use offline marketing methods to attract local customers and boost brand awareness.

After you implement these strategies into your business plan, your business will start growing exponentially. So what are you for? Start your photo booth rental business today.

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