Cute happy wedding couple against defocused lights

360 Photo Booth Photography

A photo booth is no longer an option but a necessity at any wedding these days but if you are looking for the ultimate experience, the 360-degree spin booth is the Lambo of photo booths and your guest will absolutely love it. Provide an area where guests can take selfies with props or hop on the 360-spin booth and record video clips worthy of the showbiz awards. Share them on Social media and let your special day go viral.

Confetti cannons

Send the bride and groom off with a bang and bring on the gigantic confetti cannons that shower you and your guests and create an electrifying party atmosphere. Hand them to your guests as the happy couple is about to be introduced or as they are heading off for the honeymoon and make it rain.


If you want magical pictures for your wedding album as well as a big display to send the bride and groom off on their honeymoon, you should give out sparklers to your guests. They make for dazzling photo and video props and you will be glad that you did.

Memories Cinema

Place a movie screen in one or different areas of your venue. Play a video of some of the best memories from your life together and your family history. Later in the night, connect to the 360 spin booth video clips that your guests have recorded and your guests will never be more entertained.

Confectionary Cart

After all the fun and dancing your entire guest list will be craving something delicious. Indulge their sweet tooth with a cart that offers all the favorites sweets from back when you were kids. Guests can grab a striped paper bag and fill them up with all their favorites.

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